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Custom-made medical equipment

Custom-made medical equipment

Baruch U’Marpeh provides difficult-to-acquire medical apparatus not available at organizations that lend standardized medical equipment. Hospitals, individuals, social workers and schools for severely handicapped children know where to turn when there is no recourse via standard channels. We are there to purchase equipment to help children in excruciating pain who are battling life-threatening illnesses, making sure to take advantage of public funding and covering the balance.


Dana, a sweet, highly intelligent little girl who was orphaned from her father, was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Her condition deteriorated to the point where, at age 12, she became wheelchair bound. Her school social worker noted that Dana became very depressed and contacted Baruch U’Marpeh with a request that they supply her with a customized motorized wheelchair costing $12,000. When she received it, Dana went wild with joy exclaiming “Now I can shop in the grocery and buy bread and milk for Mommy!”

We are tax-deductible.
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